3 days in Boston

3 days in Boston
Today we travel to United States of America, Trump is not president yet, so maybe we should really go NOW!

Boston is one of my favourites cities in USA, I used to dream about living there, but life had other plans -not complaining AT ALL!-. We went there many times, we have friends there so is a very special place. It’s New England, and the arquitecture is very similar to London, it has the beautiful Charle’s river, huge parks and is awesome in summer to go to Boston Common to just seat there or in winter to see the snow.

Boston is a young city, it has the greatest schools in the country and is really modern. People are truly nice and they will help you if you need directions or whatever you need.


If you have an extra day go to deCordova Museum, is a little far from the center of the city, but is worht it, it has art sculpture in a big park, you can walk around them an the there is an indoors area.

Hope you like it!


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