2 days in Budapest

2 days in Budapest
Budapest is in my top 5, is a beautiful city, lovely buildings and things to see. Luckly I am here as I write this post 🙂

I recommend staying close to the Parlament, is close to everything and there are many beautiful places to have dinner.

Don’t miss the city at night, go and take a walk by the chain bridge, you will fall in love. First day pest, second day buda, be ready to walk and go up and downstairs.

There is something about the therms, it was my first time and the smell is really strong, I couldn’t stay there I hate it, so we went to the ones outside -the famous pictures are from those-, the problem: water was at 28 degrees while outside was 3 degrees… Problem nr 2: if you want to eat there, forget it! Worst food ever plus super expensive.

You won’t have problems eating here, eat goulasch of course, and there are new modern fun places worth trying. I recommend Mr. Funk, donuts and beagles for everyone!

As for where to stay I used Airbnb both times I came, let me know if you need the information. Probably if you go come here you will go to Vienna or Prague or both, so next posts will be of those cities 🙂



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