2 days in Vienna

2 days in Vienna
A couple of weeks ago, i had the opportunity to go to Vienna for the second time.

Vienna is a very nice city in Austria, it has the Opera, Sisi and Mozart, and let’s not forget the amazing Julius Meinl coffee and Tee, wich I bought to bring to Berlin because I’m complete obsessed with it.

Here are some highlights:


As you see there are 3 palaces. Hofburg, where Sisi the emperor lived and has a lot of interesting thing to see.

Around Christmas time and during winter, you will find an awesome Ice rink in front of the Rathaus. The Christmas market is there too.

As for the Opera, if you are really into it, i recommend you spend more a get good tickets, the ones that costs €3 are really bad, you have to be stand all time and you can barely see.

This city is full of music, history and big buildings, go and embrace it. I don’t now if you need to go twice,  just once is enough.


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