2 days in London

2 days in London
I have a love-hate relationship with the city of London. I have been there twice, the first one, we stayed like 5 or 6 days, the second one just 2 days.

The architecture, the culture, the museums (and all of them for free), the history, the music, all that is amazing, but it’s really chaotic!. The transit, getting places, eating, drinking, everything was so expensive, it was really stressful, so in balance I didn’t want to go back.

A few months ago, we wanted to go there to see Les Miserables. Living in Berlin makes easier to go to London, so we went for a weekend. We did mostly shopping. We stayed closer to everything so we didn’t need to use the “tube”. And the Brexit make the pound go down, so everything is cheaper.

Here is my highlight list:

London in 2 days

I know 2 days is not enough time. If you have one or 2 days more, it would be better and you will get to enjoy the parks and going a little farther.

More to see if you have time!
– Victoria and Albert museum 
– Kensington Palace 
– Trafalgar Square 
– Soho
– St. Paul Cathedral 
– National Gallery
– Covent Garden 
– Somerset House 
– Oxford Circus 
– Abbey Road 
– Regent Street 
– Nothing Hill
– Little Venice
– Camden
– Chelsea 


Have you been there? Think I am forgetting something? Let me know 🙂

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