5 Reasons why you should see Hidden Figures

5 Reasons why you should see Hidden Figures

This movie was released in perfect timing. In the theatre, there was a couple that came in late, the movie has already started. They laughed when the movie shown that coloured people had a separated bathroom, or a separate water fountain where to drink, they were the only ones,  young. At the end of the movie the screen shown “based on a true story” and I heard them saying they didn’t know. 

Reason 1: True story. If you didn’t do some research and you aren’t form USA you might not known about this. The difference they did with color people is something I cannot get. How they treated them or how there were some things they cannot do, just because they were black. The times of this story has a lot of background that the movie shows really quick, like Martin L. King fighting for his rights, and gave them power and make them feel strong.

Reason 2: Katherine, Dorothy and Mary. These three women are really inspiring. They want something and they for it. Not waiting for something good to happened or just be lucky. Super strong and ambitious women, plus they are more intelligent that we can get. I read that some things are not that accurate… we know this can happen, at the end of the day is fiction.

Reason 3: the timing. Given what USA and the rest of the world are living as for the violence and social problems, this would be as a reminder of what happened 50 years ago. And maybe see that we don’t want that back. The movie make us feeling what they had to feel, the irrational and ridiculous discrimination, the difference and the lack of opportunities.

Reason 4: the style. The 60s are all there, in the clothing, the cars, the super high waist, make up and hair. We miss the smoking, there is not only one smoker in the movie…Nevertheless is really well treated, the ambiance is there, the way the talked also is treated, the are southern black women and they talk and live like that.

Reason 5: Oscar Nomination. The movie has many nominations, Octavia Spencer for Actress in Supporting Role and Best Picture. I don’t think they will win, there are other movies that I think are better, although this movie is really good, is inspirational. The director is Theodore Melfi and Pharrell Williams was one of the producers.

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