5 reasons why you should see Lalaland

5 reasons why you should see Lalaland
I have just came from the movies, I was really anxious to see La la land, I was afraid, because each time Hollywood promotion that much a movie, I end up hating it, but this wasn’t the case.

Let’s be fair, I love Damien Chazelle, the director, “Whiplash” is one of my favourite movies, I lost count of how many times I saw it, so I have some faith in him. On the other hand: Ryan Gosling.

Reason 1: The art direction. Everything is incredible, everything is color at the first and then it start to get serious. It start with red, green, yellow and orange, and Mia (Emma Stone), only use dresses with that colours, then she starts to wear black and white. And the images of Los Angeles, OMG! The sunsets, the places they chose, “God is in the details”.

Reason 2: The cast. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were not the original ones that Damien Chazelle wanted for the movie. He wanted Emma Watson (that preferred doing Beauty and the Beast) and Miles Teller, who was doing “Bleed for This” when he got the call. I really loved Miles, but i don’t know if the couple would have fit. Emma and Ryan just fit. They sing, dance and Ryan actually learn to play the piano for this role.

Reason 3: The Effort. It took Damien Chazelle 6 years to get the money to do La la land. In the meantime he did Whiplash and got recognized and then got the money to do it.

Reason 4: We love musicals. It was inspired in the classic movies, the musicals of the 30s and the romance. And we have all that, and we really need a movie like this. Enough with Science Fiction, let’s have some love and dancing.

Reason 5: It’s real. SPOILER ALERT! it’s a love story but the end is not the one you expected, they fulfilled their dreams but they don’t end up together. Is life, you sometimes have to choose and maybe you need to make sacrifices. 

So far it won all the golden globes it was nominee for, let’s see the other awards. 


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