6 reasons why you should see Nocturnal Animals by Tom Ford

6 reasons why you should see Nocturnal Animals by Tom Ford
The movie is BEAUTIFUL. Is an adaptation of the book “Tony and Susan” by Austin Wright. You can tell Tom Ford (writer/director) was in every detail. From the way he captures the frame, make up, wardrobe, colour management and art involved in the picture.


Reason 1. The story: The thriller is about Susana (Amy Adams) receiving a book called “Nocturnal Animals” written by her ex husband, Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal), whom she haven’t seen in 19 years. She is an artist, she hates it. She is married, but she is unhappy and trying to save it and their fortune.

The movie goes around the book. The book is about revenge and a weak man trying to be brave. Also a family (husband, played by Jake Gyllenhaal too, wife, Isla Fisher, and daughter). They got kidnaped by a really crazy and psycho Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the middle of the road in West Texas. The husband manage to escape, but things go from bad to worst, in a sequence we are not used to see in Hollywood, this scenes reminded me a lot to Funny Games by Michael Haneke.

Reason 2. Full attention. We will see three parallel stories, three different worlds, but they also mixed up, this will make you be alert for the two hours of the movie. Her ex husband is the same actor, with different names, that makes us confuse and we don’t know if it really happened or if it is fiction. Jake Gyllenhaal is weak in both stories, always the female figure is stronger. But, when a third narrative comes up (the relationship between Susana and Edward), we can confirm that the story is fiction. We can understand it as a way of representing what happened to them, how they end things. 

Reason 3. The opening credits. Marvelous, a series of morbidly obese women, looking deformed or mutilated, and the shots are in slow motion, you won’t be able to take your eyes out of the screen, this happens to be provocative conceptual pieces by Susana introducing us to world of Art in Los Angeles.

Reason 4: Art is really present in the movie. There are several of art pieces, modern ones, from Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, if you don’t know them you are not going to see them. Is like a code between the director and the spectator. 

Reason 5: The director. The individual stories are kept in the air beautifully by Ford, the fashion designer. This is his second movie, the first one was in 2009, “A Single Man.”

Reason 6: The end. Wide open, a lot of things are inconclusive, maybe you will hate it, or not. If we think enough we can figure what happened with Susana and Edward. He appears just to shake her world more than it was already. Like it or not, is really original and awesomely done.

Michael Shannon is nominated for his role in this movie, he plays a detective who is willing to do anything to help Jake Gyllenhaal.

Hope you enjoy it!

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