6 reasons why you should see The OA

6 reasons why you should see The OA

I am not a big science fiction fan, I haven’t seen Star Wars, but Netflix made me enjoy it. Is not an “on demand” service anymore, is a big producer. They are creating content and adding it every day, like “The OA”.

We talked about “The crown” and “Stranger Things“, but today let’s talk about “The OA”.

Reason 1: The story. Prairie Johnson is a blind adopted Russian girl that returns home 7 years later, seeing. Calling herself “The OA”

Reason 2: The special effects. The art direction is impeccable. (no wonders Brad Pitt is involved as executive producer). The connection between the reality and the other dimensions is shown up by special effects, appearing as a completely new space, like a galaxy.

The production in “The OA” is everything, we can enjoy seen different places around the world. In the first chapter to take us from the suburbs in USA to Russia, the credits appeared, in the minute 47 of the episode.

Reason 3: Authors. Conceived by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, they worked in it 2 years before start recording in studio.

Reason 4: Actors. All of them are important in the story. Each character provide in a different way. Brit Marling, as Prairie, is perfect. The construction of the character is really good. At the beginning she is a hopeless lonely girl who is suffering, and then she becomes a powerful woman making a movement.

Reason 5: The benefit of the doubt. All the characters put doubts on the viewer to make them think if Prairie is saying the truth or if she is making all up and is just crazy as they thought. But at the end you´ll discover it for yourself, and the characters too. Or no…

Reason 6: The end. The final chapter is not enough. The first season, ends full of doubts and uncertainty, but you also feel some relief about thinking you have a first clue for what is coming up.

We still don’t know if there is going to be a season 2, but we will keep you posted!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
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