Famous kids: Are they really good?

It’s been a while since we have been seen the children of famous people in movies, tv, ads or magazines, but are they really good or they have a place just because of their parents. There are some of them that I think are really talented, the rest just have good genes.

You might have seen the Kenzo ad, with the “Mutant Brain” song. (if you don’t you have to do it, like NOW!). The star of this video is Margaret Qualley, she is the daughter of Andie MacDowell, the 90`s actress. But we have to give her the credit, at 22 years old she is a former dancer, now full time model.


Seeing “The Get Down” by Netflix (BTW -really good!), I noticed Jaden Smith was one of the actors. I don’t like Will Smith as an actor, sorry if you do! This family is making all their integrants famous (her sister is kinda of a singer), but he has something else, maybe because his started really young in “Persuit of happines” but, he is very natural.  There is a scene, very Baz Luhrmann style, a gay kiss scene, he is really good, the scene is really tense and sensual.


My favourite now is Allison Williams. I am a fan of Girls, and in the first episodes I hate “Marnie” I thought she was a really bad actress, but in the last season, there is a chapter dedicate to the character “Marnie & Charlie” where she is amazing.


There are a lot more, like Lily Collins, Kaia Garber, etc., but let’s just talk about this for the moment…




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