“Before the Flood” or “how to get people talk about global warming”

“Before the Flood” or “how to get people talk about global warming”
I consider myself a conscious person. I am a vegetarian, turn off the lights when I am not using them, recycle, don’t have a car, I ride my bike. Try myself to help prevent the disaster we are doing to the planet.

You must be thinking: “why is she telling me this?”. I am used to see documentals and keep myself informed, and yesterday I saw “Before the flood” by Leonardo Dicaprio, you know he is an activist and has been doing this for more than 10 years, and is not his first documentary, yet the first one he appears on.

I am happy because now people are going to see what’s going on in the planet, global warming, water problems, ice melting, CO2, how we are in the wrong path. The documentary is free in YouTube, Amazon, National Geographic, and more platforms, has reach in YouTube 5,494,966 views in 3 days.

This is awesome, is really a good documentary, Leo travelled around the world for 2 years, as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, searching for an answer.

He meet with political leaders, like The Pope and Obama, among others, and shows how they have to do something, they really have to, and it’s taking too long. But ourselves, as citizens, we have to help. This is not going to change just with government laws, we have to do our part.

He also shows how there are people who think that climate change is not “that bad” and they give money to talkers to confuse people (is good to see some names in the screen, politics and gigantic corporations).


Stop taking everything for granted. Collect more information, see more documentaries, eat lees meat, make a good use of the water and the power. Is with the small things that we can make a big change.

Some others documentaries you can see:
– Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)
Leo DiCaprio is excecutive producer of this movie. Don’t have time? then you have to see this.
– Food, Inc. (2009)
– Living on one dollar (2013)
– The true cost (2015)

– An Inconvinient Truth (2006)

Let’s help the planet!

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