Guide: Berlin Wall Memorial

Guide: Berlin Wall Memorial
This is a beautiful place that will take you half a day. You have to walk a few hours and read everything there, to understand what was like to have a wall dividing a city.

It’s hard for me to imagine that, and is shocking to think that that was only 28 years ago. Families where separated, buildings destroyed, cities destroyed. This memorial is one of my favourites, you can walk around it, you will find “the reconciliation church” that has been reconstructed, pictures, parts of the wall and a high point of view that allows you to see a preserved part of how the wall really was.


Is free and there is a museum across the street that has a terrace view. It is good for you to see how was the wall, actually there where two and a space in the middle.


Really close is a great place to eat: Café Krone, give it a try to the eggs, trust me!


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