Black Mirror Season 3

Black Mirror Season 3
Last week I finished the new Black Mirror Season, the first 2 are really good, just seeing the first memorable chapter of the first season, make me want to see it all.

The futurist show have predicted a lot of things, they are always showing a technology path that could happend. This season is more realistic than ever, they are not only in the “far” future anymore.

Here is a short resume of each chapter:

Episode 1: Nosedive


Shows how social media could drive you crazy in a future where you cannot do what you want unless you are nice and “popular”. Please give me 5 stars 🙂 !

Episode 2: Playtest

We all like VR,…how much reality can you handle?

Episode 3: Shut Up and Dance

Scary look at how everyone knows what you do on the internet, and if you do BAD things you have to be punished.

Episode 4: San Junipero

Eternal life? Time travel? Science fiction? All in one!

Episode 5: Men Against Fire

A very scary side of something that can be real… and managed by the government.

Episode 6: Hated by nation

This episode is really hard. Bees are really in danger of extinction, this could be an aware for us to see what could happened in not that many years.

You can see every episode in Netflix.


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