Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

I wrote this post on a DB train, going back home from a weekend in Köln and Bonn. Very smalls cities, very german and both with: a bridge, a cathedral, river view and the principal square.

Every principal square in germany is now full with christmas things, they call the “christmas market”. I am sorry, i am the grinch or krampus these days, i have been in a lot of them, and there are some many people, you can’t walk and they sell things that you don’t need at very high prices.

But there is one thing: oh the food! Oh my god, there you will find the most traditional dishes of germany, you will want to eat so much that you won’t believe it. Everything is fresh and they cook the food there, you can see it.

If you are here these days, try:

– Soup in bread
– Strawerries with melted chocolate
– Backfisch
– Hot red wine
– Sausages (of course)
– Langos



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