Global love for Stranger Things – Updated!

Global love for Stranger Things – Updated!
On July 15th of this year, Netflix launched “Stranger Things”, directed by The Duffer Brothers, is a supernatural science fiction series based in the 80’s with 8 chapters and Stephen King “approval”.

Starring Winona Ryder and a bunch of outsiders kids in their bikes. Nobody knew them, but that are all really good actors/actresses, and now we love them.


And it was a HIT, too big!, I know people that never see series, seeing it non-stop. Who would have think that Winona and monsters can make people go crazy?. We know retro is a trend now, but this “strange thing” has been one of the best things of the year, and they are already preparing the second season for 2017.

The music is awesome, the clothes and art direction is excellent, you have romance, excitement, you will get scared. Every chapter has an addictive plus that will make you see all of them in less than a week.

This would be the “Stand by me”/”Goonies” of our generation, with a background that reminds us the Steven Spielberg movies of the 80’s, a mashup of all those science fiction movies that we see over and over.

And now they are everywhere and we love them. Eleven, or Millie Bobby Brown is showing off with her amazing style at only 12 year old. She recently signed with WME after being heavily courted by all the major agencies. We will talk more about her next post.


What we know so far of Season 2 / SPOILER ALERT!:
– About “the last year”. The director said that’s the hard part of working with kids, they grow too fast, so they have to manage the time that way.
– All of them are coming back – no Barb, she is dead, sorry!
– New Character: Max or “MadMax”, a young strong tomboy riding a skateboard, she has a brother, Billy.
– We will need to figure out what happened to Eleven.
– Is Will becoming something else?


Go, see it again…I think i would! 🙂


—- February 6th Update!

We have a new trailer! Start Countdown to Halloween!

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