Lisbon in 3 days

Lisbon in 3 days
Lisbon is a city that is starting to be more popular. It has everything: history, beach, nice people, great food. Here is: What to do 3 days in Lisbon?

Day 1

We rent an Airbnb apartment and it was really close to plaza de comercio, so we decided to go as far as we have to visit: Belén.

Must see:

  • Torre de Belén: If you budget is low, don’t bother go in. Is just to have a higher nice view.
  • Monasterio de los jerónimos.
  • Monumento a los descubridores Portugueses. (Amazing!)
  • Pastelitos de Belem: you will find it everywhere in Portugal, but this is the original receipt.

Plus: In this area is the Museum of Carriages, if you like this topic I’ve heard very good comments about it.

  • Via augusta. Do not eat in this street, is bad and expensive, is better to go to the Rossio area.
  • Elevador Santa Justa


Day 2: Sintra

We took the train in Rossio Station and in 40 minutes we were in the city (Round-Ticket is 5 euros).
Once there, at the right there is a bus that costs €5, takes you to the must see in Sintra. You will have to choose between 2 options, we couldn’t do both in one day. We choose Pena Palace, Moros Castle and National Palace.

Pena Castle is not that pretty on the inside, if you have no time, just buy the garden ticket, those are beautiful and you can walk around.

Then we walked to the Moros Castle, is just 5 minutes, don’t waste time waiting the bus.
This towers allow you to see the front of Pena Palace and Sintra city from up. Get ready to go up and down stairs, feel in Game of Thrones.

After that we took the bus to Sintra Palace but we couldn’t got in. Is not nice from the outside and the entrance is too expensive.

We took the train back around 7 pm and decided to walk around Chiro and it little streets. Lots of stores here, perfect for shopping!


Day 3:

  • Plaza de Comercio: here is the Beer Museum.
  • San Jorge Castle: no offense, but is not worth to go inside, is not nice and is small.
  • Lisbon’s Cathedral
  • San Roque Church: a little far away. I’ve been told is most expensive church in the world – inside-. You must go, gold everywhere, odd for a church.

General tips about Lisbon:
-In winter, it rains a lot, every day, all day long.  If you can go in another season, maybe is better, if you cannot, you will enjoy it anyway.
– Great Physical Condition. Is a city with a lot of highs, stairs, downs. The highlights of the city are in the original conditions, there are some parts that can be dangerous.
– Vegetarians: There is a place a little bit far, is called Terra. Do not expect luxury, the food is really good. Other choice is Capriccio, a very good italian restaurant.


Hope you find this useful, if you need anything else, please ask!


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