More than a Ten

More than a Ten
2016 was a big year for Millie Bobby Brown, we love (and know) her as Eleven, in “Stranger things”, and later become a fashion icon, with only 12 years old.

When she was 8, her whole family emigrate to Orlando, to follow her dream of becoming an actress. Later they move to Los Angeles, but they have to return to London because they were broke, and there she received the call for”Stranger things”.

She got her first cover in November. Interview magazine placed her like a rock star, also the Dazed Winter cover, later last year.
Brands like Coach are fighting for Millie to wear their designs and invited her to their fashion shows. She is a young actress, playful, with a strong personality, if you see her in an interview you will see how comfortable she is in front of the cameras.

This year, we are getting more of her in Season 2 of “Stranger things”, but what is odd is that she has no further contracts… Will this another great kid that we will forget in a couple of years?

– I read that she’s in line to earn £3m a movie in 2017.
– Although she is British, she was born in Spain in 2004.
– she taught herself the perfect American accent by watching the Disney channel.
– Home-school.
– Fan of Boxing.
– The girl can sing.
– Her first kiss ever was with Mike in Stranger things.
– Social fan: Snapchat (milliebbrown), Twitter (@Milliebbrown) and Instagram @Milliebobby_brown)

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