My first “berliner” winter

My first “berliner” winter
As you know, I moved to Berlin almost 4 months ago, so this is my first white winter ever. In Buenos Aires or in Barcelona, the winters can be cold but there isn’t snow. 

So here I am, is January, it has been cold since November and really cold since the last two weeks of December. The new year starts, and the snow comes with. The first time it snow, my colleagues at work thought I was crazy. They -born german- do not like it or they are already use to it. They think snow = too cold. I was jumping like a kid, I wanted to go outside and play. I couldn’t.

The second one was better(-ish). I was on my way to work when suddenly a windy-snowy-rainy thing happened and as I was trying to walk against it, the wind blows my hat and my umbrella! I got to catch my umbrella but I missed my hat. My hair got really messy and wet, and 10 minutes later the sun comes up and I looked like a crazy person. The good news is that later that day I came back and found my hat under a bush.

And then the snow came like every 2 days, the city started to look white and beautiful. As it is usual to snow here, everything is ready, they clean the streets, and put some sort of little rocks for you to walk and no to fall, they do not use salt anymore, because they notice that it contaminates. People have to clean their own entrance (by law). Everything works and we can enjoy the white Berlin, and I fall in love with the city all over again.

If you hate cold, do not visit, but if you like and you are open to new experiences this is a good time to enjoy it. I wouldn’t recommended as a first visit to Berlin, but if you have been here before, you should come in winter.


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