Sammlung Bunker

Sammlung Bunker
One of the best art galleries in Berlin is hide in a Bunker. You have to get an appointment, as their web page says: “only 12 people at a time”. I got my place 5 days before the date, there were some places left but not that much. So Sunday was the date for my visit.

Sunday came, and we went to the Bunker, the entrance is really bunker like but in the inside they change a lot. The collection is from artists around the world, some of them are really good, others are the kind of “really? That’s art?”. It is a 1 hour and 30 minutes guided visit, you can do it in english or deutsch.

The history of the place is really interesting, it was a bunker for people taken from Friedrichshain station. Then it was used as fruit storage: “banana bunker”; then techno and sex parties until it was acquired by Boros and his wife, who live in the penthouse they did in the top floor.

Now it will be close until April, they will change the exhibition, so if you are planning on coming to Berlin, add this to your list! Here is the link so you can check when it opens.

Really close from here is “House of small wonders” a beautiful place to have brunch. Be patient because it is always full, you will have to wait 30 minutes minimum.

Here are some pictures, not many for the inside, because it’s not allow.


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