Soviet War Memorial in Treptow

Soviet War Memorial in Treptow
We moved to Berlin 1 month ago. Living here allows you to knows places you wouldn’t go if you are a tourist. We did that last year living in Barcelona, and now we are exploring Berlin.

Last weekend we took our bikes and went to the Soviet War Memorial in Treptow. There are 3 Soviet Memorials: this one, the one in Großer Tiergarten and one in Pankow. If you are a history lover or an architecture lover you should visit this place.


This was made by Yakov Belopolsky between 1946 and 1948. Is the largest one and it serves as cemetery for 5000 Soviet soldiers, it is also the largest anti-fascist memorial in Western Europe. It is a large long park with a huge 12mts tall figure that supposed to be a soldier carrying a rescued German child, standing over a broken swastika.

Before the monument there is a central area lined on both sides by 16 stone sarcophagi, one for each of the 16 Soviet Republics with military scenes and quotations from Stalin, on one side in Russian, on the other side the same text in German.

In the opposite side: a pair of stylized Soviet flags built of red granite, with two soldiers in one knee.

Germany can not touch any of these memorials without Russia’s permission.

It’s only 30 minutes from Alexanderplatz and it would only take a couple of hours.



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