Supreme x Louis Vuitton. It’s official!

Supreme x Louis Vuitton. It’s official!

It’s here! We have been reading some things about this, but now we can confirm it. Yesterday Louis Vuitton present their collaboration. A$AP Bari posted a photo to his Instagram story wearing what appeared to be a Supreme x Louis Vuitton Bandana.

Is the moment of the street Style, and Louis Vuitton wants to be there. Maybe they want to share a little of the Supreme’s devoted clientele. If you have been in the London Store of Supreme, for example, you know there is always a line a the articles doesn’t last long. They fans are obsessive.

This is why Louis Vuitton’s creative director of menswear, Kim Jones wanted to this for some time now. He wanted to put its mark on his luxury goods, denim, camouflage jackets and three styles of handbags. Jones has previously teamed up with NikeLab, Umbro and worked on Kanye West’s label Pastelle.

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The funny part is, according to Fashion Week Daily, 16 years ago, the layers of LV sent a cease-and-desist letter to Supreme because “they used used a print and colours that mimicked Louis Vuitton’s classic logo and color scheme on its skateboards”. I guess times change, and brands has to change too.

The collection with Louis Vuitton will launch July 17, available in yet to be disclosed temporary locations.

This is a good move from Louis Vuitton, getting to the young and rich to buy their brand again. And the not so rich to spend all the money to get something of this incredible cobranding.


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