The true cost of fashion

Yesterday, i saw “The true cost” on Netflix, a documentary, which i though it will be a deep view of the fashion world and the consumerism problem we have.

But no, it goes beyond that, it tells the story of the people who work in the biggest textil factories in Bangladesh and Beijing, how bad the get paid and the conditions they work in, so the big corporations like HyM or Zara can keep producing massively to calm down our “needs”.

I don’t want to be a hypocrite, I love fashion, i’m an active consumer and it’s an important part of my life. But I don’t want it this way. I won’t spoiled the movie, but thanks to it i will pay more attention and investigate the way my favorite brands produce the clothes, and be myself more responsable an conscious.

The movie also talks about “fast fashion” and here is where i wanted to get. Since I moved here, to Barcelona, it has call my attention that every week there is something new in the big chain stores, in the United States is the same.

This leads to buy, at least, something small every week. In the beginning, the excitement of the low prices and the accessibility to new brands, may me do that, but i decided to stop, i don’t really need that much clothing, or something new every week, neither is good for my economy.

I recommend you the documentary film, it’s really important that we start to get conscious about how the world works for us to have our 3 euros t-shirts or 9 euros jeans. What’s cheap to us, is getting really expensive for others. We are destroying the world, FAST. Let’s be more responsible of what we do.

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