Tips to legally see movies/series in Germany

Tips to legally see movies/series in Germany
A few years ago, when we came here for the first time, I remember in our Airbnb apartment said: “please do not download any illegal content nor use torrent”.

When we got here, one of the things we had to change is the way we watch series and movies. In Argentina or in Barcelona, was common to download illegal content. But here in Germany, you can not do that, neither streaming. You will get fined. Also if you do not secure your wifi and it is used to do this, you will have to pay too.

Talking with some friends, we noticed some of them paid for a VPN, you can do that. But actually we get used to it, and this is what we did:

  • Netflix: We have had  for 5 years, so this is good to have. Is new in Germany, but they are adding content every day, and has great series and movies. 
  • Sky: We really need HBO if you are a fan of Game of thrones or Girls. When we knew we need sky to have it we started to check the prices. We got a promotion for 11€, and we got all the HD channels, plus HBO, plus TV, plus SkyOnDemand. 
  • YouTube: Now they liberated the content, so this is not a problem any more 🙂 There are many things you can see there.
  • Kino: “Ich liebe ins Kino” or I love to go to the movies. The ticket is a little expensive, but it’s nice to go twice a month or three in Oscar season. I think the access we got to new films in other countries, make people stop going to the movies.
  • Spotify: As for music, this problem is solved with this service. We got new music every day.
  • Buy them!: if you go to Saturn or MediaMarkt you have amazing promotions and you get last year movies for 5€.

Now I miss seeing a new chapter as soon as it goes out, but i can work on my patience and enjoy it more when i got to see it. I won’t lie, is hard, but is nice to think that paying it, you are helping the industry.

I have read a lot of post of people getting caught, the got the â€śUnterlassungserklärung”. It’s true that there are some scam letters (e.g from non-existing “Kroner & Kollegen” law firm), maybe you will want to check that first. However, the warning letter for illegally downloading copyrighted content is a real one coming from a real law firm who represents company like Viacom, Sony, 20th Century Fox, etc.

They track your IP address, it’s said that the internet service provider ( ISP ) is not permitted to simply pass on personal details; but they must do so if presented with a civil court ruling. ( Copyright Act , Urheberrechtsgesetz,  Â§ 101 UrhG.)

Here is the law of “Aspects of Sharing” if you need to read it all.
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