Woman’s equality…who’s fault is it?

Woman’s equality…who’s fault is it?
Last Saturday there was a HUGE march against Trump in the US, then expand to other countries in Europe and in South America. I think this was great, but I didn’t feel part of it. I saw it as a complaint to their new government, which i think is great, we are not used to see that kind of things in the United States. In Argentina there were all kind of marches, frequently. And they did a Woman March several months ago. But, well, everyone is looking to the US now and what that disgusting man they have as elected as President.

Hollywood is really into it too. Bullying Trump and complaining about salaries, actresses are telling that they are receiving less money than their male pairs. But that has been like that for several years, since I have memory. Every woman suffered that in a lot of professions.

I came to Berlin, started working and I am the only woman in the company, is a small one, we are 12, and I am the only woman. Then I went to subscribe to the gym that I had close to my home and noticed that it was “women only”. I take german classes and a man is assigned to be my teacher. I am not complaining, I didn’t analyse all this until now. So, what am I supposed to do? Talk to my boss and ask him to hire more women (I did that already, nothing happened); resigned? but it would be worst because they will have no women at all. And I am living in a country that is ruled by a woman, and I left a country ruled by another woman (crazy one, but woman). 

I always think that this won’t change now, but we have to be careful with the next generations. STOP telling little girls they should behave and be little princesses; STOP raising girls different than boys; STOP with the blue and pink; STOP stereotyping. If you pay attention is always woman who tell other woman to change or judging a behaviour.

In Latin America, society is really male chauvinist, when you are 30 you are supposed to be married, then you have to have kids, then 2nd kid, and on and on. My grandmother didn’t work, she raise her kids; my mother didn’t get a degree; and one of my sister is 28 and she is dying to have kids and get married. And this is all ok. 

I am 31, woman, married and I loved my husband and we love to travel and any where we want. We don’t want to have kids. That doesn’t make me selfish or less woman. I have met women, that 15 minutes after introducing us, and tell I am married asked “Are you going to have kids?”. WTF?
I have been told: “It will come to you”, as the need to get ice cream. I read one day “If i didn’t want my whole life, I won’t be having a child because you think I am going to wake up wanting one”.

We are more than pretty, elegant, delicate, we can do more than one thing at the time! We are not better than anyone else, we all have space and we can all live in sync and peace if we respect each other and respect that we can have different opinions. We cannot wait to a president to change this, the law or other person. We have to change this.


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