Yes, I like Justin Bieber

Surfing the web, I found a picture that said: “Yes, I’m 30, and I listen Justin Bieber”. OMG! I’m not the only one!

The first song I like was “Where r u now?” I love Skrillex and I was hearing this and ask myself: who is he singing with? –> Justin Bieber?! WTF? I used to hate him, with the “baby, baby” and all that.

And then it started…I love “What do you mean?”, “Love yourself” and “Sorry”, I think he is changing, the music is different and the videos are amazing (and have you seen the views?).

But this is getting worse…I started listening -non stop-“PILLOWTALK” and one day my little sister told me: You know Zayn was in One Direction, right? –> OMG AGAIN!!!

So…What’s going on? I’m now a “Belieber”?! Well, Calvin Klein pick him and people love him…so we will see!

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